Spotting at ENGM, Oslo airport Norway

Some pics from sunday at Oslo airport

1: SAS CRJ-900
2: Turkish A320
3: Norwegian 737-800
4: SAS 737-600


Very very nice pics…which camera did you use?

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that second shot looks like something out of a movie.


Thank you! I used a compact Lumix TZ-60. Did not bring the DSLR because i was trailrunning in the area.

nice…never used lumix but seems that they make good cameras

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Nice pictures! Honestly I’m not very used to see 737s without winglets, look weird for me.


SAS have some 73’s without winglets. “Old” planes compared to the Norwegian fleet.

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Good shots. Nice angle from there

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Beautiful scenery you’ve got there, and those photos look professional! Well done.

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Thank you @MJames and @anon31652286!

Nice weather and light this time of year.

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