Spotting at ENGM, Oslo airport Norway

Some photos from todays spotting session at Oslo airport. I spent around 6 hours at the airport from 1200-1800. I drove around to different spotting locations.

Camera/lens: Canon EOS700D/ Canon 55-250 EFS f/4-5,6 IS II
I also have a Tamron 70-300 lens (Not the best quality), but didn’t use it this time.

Visit my Instagram for more photos.

Hope you’ll enjoy!

Qatar Boeing 787-8 A7-BCQ

PIA, Pakistan International Airlines Boeing 777-200ER AP-BHX

Norwegian Boeing 787-9 G-CJUL


Lufthansa A320 Neo

KLM Boeing 737-700 PH-BGM


British airways Airbus A319 G-EUPG


Ryanair 737-800 EI-FRH

Wideroe Dash 8-100

Pilatus PC-12

Royal Norwegian Airforce Dassault Falcon 20


Wow! These are beautiful- 100% professional looking, especially those Norwegian 787 pics.

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Beautiful pictures! Just a side note, the Norwegian 787-8 looks to be a -9

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Love the Norwegian and the Dash 8-100 is really cute!! 😀😀

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Yes, you are right. Typo

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Amazing photos! Gardermoen is a great airport.

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The wideroe pic is so adorable

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That private jet looks unreal no shortage of money these days !

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Flex them wings baby - the Qatar 787 looked so amazing

(why can’t spotting in malaysia be as fun as in Europe?)

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It’s an old jet. The Airforce got their first of 3 in 1976. Used for electronic warfare (EW). They will be replaced by the P-8 Poseidon in 2022

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I love the black when the sun shines off it kind of looks chrome or matte

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You’ve got a true talent for aviation photography. Well done!

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Why isn’t it fun? 😳 You have lots of planes and bigger/more airports than we have

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At my airport (Kuching Intl), we only get the same A320s and 737s every day 😩

literally the same exact planes

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It might just be me, but those engines on the NEOs look huge.
As always, fantastic shots!

-Moosehead ;-)

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Woah that PC-12 livery 😮

Great photos Andre and nice tones!

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Great photos Andre! Very clear and professional looking!

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Thank you!
I’m still learning. Wish I had more time to do spotting. In around 30 years I’ll be a pro (and very old lol)


Amazing job! Those look spectacular! Shots in the winter look so beautiful, especially because of the reflections of the snow on the underside of the wings!

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