Spotting at EIDW on the 16th March 2019

Hi guys, thanks for checking out my post. These are some of my shots from Dublin on the 16th March 2019. These were taken with my Canon EOS4000D with an 18-55mm lens so please excuse the quality of some of the photos because I cropped them all.

First photo is an Aer Lingus A330 coming in 5 hours late from Chicago.

Here is Aer lingus’ smallest plane the ATR42 coming in from Donegal

Tui 737 going out on a flight to Rues

Luadamotion A320 going out to Vienna

Air France A321 going out to Paris

Ryanair 737 coming in from Madrid

Vueling A320 going out to Barcelona

Bonus Norwegian 787 going out to New york. It was the 787 because the 737MAX had just been grounded

Finally a Turkish Airlines 737 coming in from Istanbul.

When this is all over I can’t wait to go up to Dublin again with my 75-300 mm lens to get better pictures.

Thanks for taking a look!

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Amazing pictures Luke! The canon eos 4000d looks great, def consider buying it:)

btw the poll didn’t load in properly

Edit: where did you get to that place to take pictures? I’m thinking of going spotting there whenever I’m back in Ireland

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Was the Norwegian 787 going to Stewart or JFK?

Great shots!

It was going out to stewart

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Hi Rian do you have a good idea of where IKEA is?

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That’s really interesting! We don’t get the 787 and Stewart, it’s mostly the leased A330 and 737-800s.

I was already told in the EIVA discord server, thanks anyways hahaha

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Indeed.Very nice

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Oh right. Ha🤣

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By the way. Could ye vote cause the poll looks so strange at my end

Really odd to see the Air Berlin livery with Laudamotion titles…

Nice pictures, thanks for sharing!

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Thank you Julian

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Where some of my family came from :)

These are incredible pictures, I just want to go to Dublin to spot! Haha, keep up the great pictures

Ya it’s great. That’s cool that you’ve got relatives in Donegal!

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Very nice! Aer Lingus’ just have the nicest liveries!

Indeed they do

1 was my favorite. Not only cause it was from Chicago cause I love the A330!

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Very nice!

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Hello everyone. Just to bump it back to the top. I’ve fixed the poll so now you can actually vote

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