Spotting at EGLL

Hey IFC!

I was in London last week and i had to go Heathrow to spot some planes here are my pictures. Enjoy!

Virgin Atlantic A340

Air India B787-8
British Airways B747-400
British Airways A319 (BEA Livery)
Kuwait B777-300

These are just some of them… If you are in London and you are interested in plane spotting Which probably you are lol you have to go to Heathrow!

Have a nice day!


Nice photos!

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Wow! Nice pictures, but I have a question.

Is this the really famous plane spotting area in London?


Thanks! @CaptainBarney @AlphaSeven

And yeah there is area where a lot of people come with cameras and stuff i guess is popular yeah :D

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Thats good to know when I come to London!

What camera did you use? Or your phone?

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I was using my phone…

You can see the quality wasnt the best :D

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No, I think it was really good!

(sorry for the questions lol)

Keep it up!

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There is a place called Myrtle Avenue and you can spot aircrafts flying right above you. There is also a grassy field for the spotters. An awesome spotting area I would love to visit myself if I ever visited London.


Awesome photos, that BEA A319 looks cool.

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Great photos! I was in london late last year for christmas and sadly I didn’t get to do much plane spotting other than inside the terminal.

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@Butter_Boi @TimR


I always beg to go to Heathrow for plane spotting, I can only ever spot in the car


When you get the chance, defenetly stop by Myrtle Avenue its amazing expirance.

There’s the main office building right next to one of the runways and the planes take off right next to you and my mums friend is the manger there so when he’s free he takes me up there. And next time he might take me up to the actual airfield

Great! Make sure to get some photos!

Great Photos Mate!


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I used to do my paper round on Myrtle Avenue 😂 I grew up and my parents still live in Bedfont. Nice photos love the 747.

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Exactly 😂! Thanks!

Thank you!

Never seen any forum posts for spotting at EGLL yet, these are amazing. I love the Air India and BA 747 the most.

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