Spotting at EGCC Vol. II

Hello IFC,

A little under a year ago I ventured about an hour away to Manchester Airport. I’d love to go there more often but never find the right time to go.

I headed over at just missed a Singapore A350 departing, but I found a bench at the Airport Pub and started taking pictures.

I’ve waffled on enough, here are the pictures!

First off is a Jet2 737-800 arriving behind this tree, really like this shot.

Next is this Qatar 777 coming in to land.

Another plane emerging from the tree

This ATR7 going to Guernsey

This Etihad Dreamliner arriving

TUI 737 MAX 8

Air France A320 going to Paris

Another EasyJet A320 coming in

And Finally, this Brussels Airlines (Red Devils Special Livery) - sorry for the black lines, the camera wasn’t focused properly.

Please note none of these photos were edited

Camera: Cannon EOS 4000D with a 75-300mm lens (if anyone cares)

Hope you enjoyed (I did)


i love the close up of the Qatar 77W!


Love the TUI MAX! Good shots!


Thanks! One of my favourites!

Thanks, I like it too.


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