Spotting at EDDM

I’m back at it again with the Freecam!

How’s it going guys? I’m back with some Freecam spotting shots at EDDM. Hope you enjoy them!

A KC-10 tanker lands as a Lufthansa A340 and a Turkish 737 look on.

A Lufthansa A320 takes off as a USAF A-10 holds short.

A Lufthansa A340 holds short as an Air Baltic Q400 lands.

A KC-10 taxies to parking as a Air Canada 777 parks beside a Canadian Airlines DC-10.

A Lufthansa A320 waits as it’s Turkish Airlines counterpart lands.

A British Airlines A320 lands (operated by BAVA).

A KC-10 lands as a United 787 looks on.

A United 787 holds short as a Virgin 787 takes off.

Please let me know which one was your favourite down below!

Until next time, keep on snapping! 📸


Great shots bud! Love the different angles you captured in each pic.