Spotting at EDDM, Sunday 04/09/2017

Hi guys, I (Instagram: @moxipictures) went spotting with @Lolo31R (Instagram: @ljspotter) on Sunday and I wanted o share my best shots with you!

Special Liveries

ANA’s R2D2 Livery (JA853A) on short final for 26R from Haneda:

Alitalia A320 (EI-DSW) seconds from touchdown with an interesting Jeep Renegade Livery from Rome Fiumicino:

Condor, which used to be Condor Deutsche Flugdienst, approaching 08L with the A320 D-AICA in the iconic Condor Retro Livery:

Austrian Airlines (OE-LBZ) and Lufthansa (D-AIPC) operated their Star Alliance Livery A320s from/to Munich on that day:

In the evening BA’s Olympic dove (G-EUPD) taxied down towards my lens on its way back home to London Heathrow:

The mighty A380 very close

One of Emirates’ huge A380 (A6-EEJ) fleet inbound from Dubai as EK49 (one of three daily A380 flights to Munich) touching down on 08L and taxing past to stand 113X:


Lufthansa Heavies

The typical heavies seen at Munich as it is one of two Lufthansa hubs - A330-300 and A340-600 - Landing on both, 08L (D-AIHF, D-AIKG) and 26R (D-AIHB, D-AIHZ), holding short 26R (D-AIHE) and taxiing to 08L (D-AIKA) with the flight crew waving to us (D-AIHI):

My very first Eurowings pictures

With the start of the summer schedule 2017 Lufthansa started flights with its low-cost carrier Eurowings. As visible at the red part on the tail of D-ABZN many aircraft are leased from airberlin. It was the first time I saw Eurowings at Munich.
I like the livery of EW very much. Apart from D-ABZN also A320 D-ABDP visited Munich:

[details=Beautiful plane Cameron loves] Since the deliveries by Airbus weren’t on time for Qatar Airways they leased some A350’s from their partner LATAM resulting in South American planes flying from and to Munich on a daily basis at the moment. Since the planes weren’t painted in Qatar’s colors it’s a flight @Cameron doesn’t want to miss. Here you can see LATAM’s A350 with Qatar’s Registration A7-AMA right after pushback for it’s flight back to Doha:


[details=Some other visitors from abroad] Apart from the flights already mentioned, Munich is visited by a variety of airlines and airplanes. I captured flights by Swiss, United, Yangtze River Express, Saudia, Icelandair and Easyjet (and many more of course)

Swiss visited Munich with its Bombardier CSeries 100 HB-JBE on rotation LX1104/1105 seen here landing on 08L:

Around noon the time comes where all the flights to the US East Coast are leaving Munich such as these United flights bound for Chicago (N783UA) and Washington (N788UA):

Munich is also a destination for Icelandair’s Boeing 757 (TF-ISR) from Keflavik:

Next to the huge A380’s and A350’s operated by Qatar and Emirates Munich also gets a small visitor from the Mideast - Saudia flies to Riyadh and Jeddah on a regular basis as well as a seasonal flight to Medina. Here you can see Flight SV174 to Jeddah (HZ-ASG) preparing for departure on 08R:

Munich isn’t that famous for its cargo flights, but with FedEx, DHL, StarAir and many more such as this Yangtze River Express Boeing 747-400 (B-2437) the freight sector is constantly growing:

In the evening I was also able to spot the new Easyjet livery arriving at 26R from the UK on an A320 (G-EZPE):

Pictures are mine - Please don’t use them without permission.


Are they on Instagram? If not… The link isnt working nor any other pictures

They should be directly uploaded, no link

Really really nice shots, Moritz!

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Thanks a lot, Nathan :)

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Very Nice! (I didnt click on the tabs… XD)

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Thanks! You shocked me after creating that post for over an hour lol

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Fantastic pictures, Moritz! I absolutely love them! :)

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Beautiful shots! What camera do you use?

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Those are really nice photographs, I really like the Eurowings.

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Awesome shots Moritz! I really love ANA’s R2D2 ones ❤


United pilots are the worst…they didn’t wave back :(

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Nice pictures as always. I didn’t make you my personal wallpaper photographer for nothing ;)


I love the Icelandair ones and the Swiss CS ones. The BA Golden Dove is great too.

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Did you already select one on slack? If not send me a DM there

And people complain about United’s cabin crew 🙄

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These pics were taken with a Canon 750D and a 50-250mm lens :)

Very nice! Thank you for sharing the information about the LATAM/Qatar A350, I was unaware of this.

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