Spotting at EDDL (Düsseldorf)

Hi, I was spotting at Düsseldorf on Saturday and today with @Aviation .
I took some pictures with my iPhone 5S

sorry for the bad quality

B777-200 (I don’t know the airline)

BH Air A320, Aeroflot A320 & an Air Berlin Dash 8-Q400 taking off

SunExpress B737-800

ANA B787-8

British Airways A319

Emirates A380-800

Cathay Pacific A350-900

Air Berlin A320


Hmm, I recognise those taxiways and runways 😉🤔

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The B777 is from Privilege Style or something along those lines.


Did you spot a Singapore Airlines A350-900?

No, it took off a few hours earlier before I arrived at the airport.

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@Samuel123abc you’re right it is privilege style. It was operating an Air Berlin flight to JFK, and the only reason I know that is because I saw it land at JFK…Which is pretty cool since you photographed it @Daniel_K! Happy b-day btw

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Excellent photographs, thank you for sharing.

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Good quality for an iPhone!

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You guys are lucky to have A350’s :( Awesome shots! :)

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That same 777 was at FLL in Florida a few months ago.


Me being a dumb American would like to know if Düsseldorf is pronounced as “Dooseldorph” or “Dusseldorph”?

I’d say Dusseldorph :D

What is the first plane??

He says 777-200. Never seen that livery though before 🤔

It’s a B777-200(ER). It flew for Air Berlin.

Looks like the old Britannia airways colours!

The 772 is amazing! I love it!

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