Spotting at EDDL (Duesseldorf)

Hi there,

today I was in Duesseldorf EDDL (DUS) and apotted some planes. I know that the quality is not the best, this is because the observation deck is far away from the RWY but I hope you can see enough.

photos are mine

Special liverie AirBerlin+Etihad

ANA B787

Landing CRJ900


Top pictures! I love picture 5!

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Nice mate, I’m from Düsseldorf :D

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Nice to hear that there are other players in my near.

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Good photos, nice selection of planes spotted.

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Absolutely stunning pictures!

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Ima liking those Air Berlins :)

Lovely photos! I went on Aegean, so it’s good seeing their aircraft! :)

Question: Why does airberlin have Etihad name on their livery? :)


Good question. Because they work together and to also Code sharing on some flights. This is a currently a discussion between AB, Etihad and the government. The Government didn’t allowed this a time but now they were allowed again.
I’m not sure but maybe Etihad has also some stocks of AirBerlin.

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Hi Guys,
today I was again in Duesseldorf and had my best spotting day ever. The whether was very sunny and the observation deck was full with other spotters.
Every time when I wanted to leave a new special aircraft arrived and I been there for 5 minutes longer. After 2 hours I hoped that is is over and gone.
But I don’t wants to detain you, look at the pictures.

photos are mine

Let’s start with this small Embraer.

AirBerlin A320

Generel view

Condor B757

Landing AirBerlin A320 special livery AirBerlin+Ethiad
(what a chance to see the same aircraft of my last spotting again : D )

AirBerlin A319

AirBerlin A319 taxiing to Gate…

…the last meters

Air Niki A320

AirBerlin A320 special livery AirBerlin+Ethiad again, now taxiing to Gate

Another general view

Iberia A319/20 ?

AirBerlin Dash 8 landing

TAP Portugal A319 landing

Lufthansa A321 landing

Germanwings A319 landing

AirBerlin A320 after pushback

Our Iberia is now holding short RWY 05R, a AirBerlin Dash 8 is landing

KLM Embraer

AirBerlin Dash 8 exited the RWY and taxiing to parking

And the next AirBerlin Dash 8 is already ready for departure

Air Niki A320 after pushback

Landing TUI B738

Atlas global A321

AirChina A330

British A319



AirChina A330 TakeOff


Condor B757 after pushback

Landing Emirates A380

Lufthansa A340 and landing AirBerlin A330

Aeroflot A319/20 ?

Look at this TakeOff queue


AirBerlin A330



Aegean A321


Landing OnurAir A330

Pegasus B738


Qatar A340


Tunis Air B736


OnurAir A330


Turkish Airlines A321

Hope that everyone finds his/her favorite : )


wow! Awesome pictures mate


Love the Tunisair 736.

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Some people wondered, normally You see a -800 but a -600 is not often.

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My FAVORITE aircraft :D

Unfortunately not in production.

Yep. I miss having A340s. AC’s was da bomb with their livery. AF still operates a 500, flew on one DTW-CDG last christmas. But of course they do because Airbus is French.

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So Guys,

another day with some spotted aircrafts.

photos are mine


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nice! I was in the city today and I saw some aircrafts landing.

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Yeah, was really good wheater, very sunny and warm. But let’s wait how it will be the next days…

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