Spotting at EDDF

Eastern i had some free time and were able to go spotting at Frankfurt Airport so here are 5 out of my hundreds Pictures i taken there.

Lufthansa A319 departing Runway 07C:

Air Astana A321Neo departing Runway 07C:

Condor B767-300 departing Runway 07C:

ANA B787-9 departing Runway 07C (Sadly one day after that shot i wasn´t able going spotting and the ANA R2D2 StarWars Livery came) :

United B787-10 departing Runway 07C:


Very nice! Which part of the airport did you go to?


Nice pictures! Which camera and equipment did you used?

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it was the Spotterpoint at the Highway A5

I have an Canon EOS60D with 150-500mm Sigma Lens

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Fantastic pictures! Frankfurt has one of the nicest varieties of traffic in Europe, so it’s always great to see some pictures from there :)

Thanks for sharing!




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