Spotting at Dublin Airport

This is one of my first topics i’ve posted but I thought i’d share some shots i’ve taken at EIDW! 🇮🇪

DHL A300F Pilots Waving And Giving The Thumbs Up As He Vacates 28L After Arriving From Leipzig!

An Aer Lingus A320-214 Rotating Off Of 28L With The ATC Tower In The Background 🤙

Ryanair’s Subsidiary ‘Buzz’ Departing For Krakow Poland 🇵🇱

And Lastly An Emirates 777-300ER Arriving In From Dubai 🇦🇪

One of the first topics I have created so i’m hoping I did it all right! I’ll be sure to include more photos next time 🤙

Cheers lads


Great pictures!

What camera do you use?

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Thank you man! Nikon D3300 with a Tamron 70-200 F2.8

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Really REALLY beautiful pics Bud! Congrats!

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Those photos! I have no words


Thank you very much! Definitely gonna make a new topic soon

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Appreciate it my man!

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