Spotting at DFW

Recently, I did some spotting at a location at DFW recommended to me by @Boeing777x.
Below are some pictures I took at the observation area. I’ll share videos throughout this week (currently have one linked below). Enjoy!

American Airlines Embraer E-Jet landing runway 18R

Chine Airlines Cargo B747

American Airlines B737 landing runway 18R


American Airlines CRJ-900 landing

The parking area is convenient. The view from your car is just as good as standing or sitting on the benches.

Airport beacon

Overlooking airfield during the day

Overlooking airfield during the night

American Airlines hangar

Here’s a video of landings I filmed.


Great! Looks like there must be a ton of American planes there.

Thanks! It’s their hub. I saw a ton of American planes.

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Cool very nice pictures!

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That picture of the CRJ 900…well it’s not an Embraer…

Fixed it. Appreciate the correction.

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Nice pictures! I like the shot of the American Airlines hanger.

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Founders Plaza is a great place to relax. I have a client near there and sometimes if I am early I will go and sit. They have the atc playing over the speakers.

Nice. I heard ATC through the speakers when I was near the beacon. It was so windy that if I walked away from it too far, the audio would become inaudible.

I am in San Antonio now but any time I go somewhere I end up stopping at DFW. I like to make a loop or two on the tram just to take a peek.


I have been to DFW before a few times. I remember you would always taxi over the freeway, and the tram that takes you to the terminal is really good for spotting. And the international terminal is insane.

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I’ve put together a video of landings. I have more to come in future videos.

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