Spotting at CYXU

Today I went to spot at CYXU, London International Airport in Ontario Canada

While the airport currently only has Air Canada Express service from Jazz operating to CYYZ, today brought a few interesting aircraft in.

Nav Canada C-GNVC as NVC 202 preforming the required ILS runway 15 check.

NVC 202 and the amazing YXU controllers.

Not often you get an aircraft fly 50 feet along the length of the runway before breaking off the approach.

Previously this aircraft preformed inspections at CYTZ and CYHM prior to coming to London today. After, they departed to CYYB North Bay before returning back to base at CYOW.

Ornge Air Ambulance C-GYNG AW139 arriving back on Taxiway Golf after being cancelled 5 minutes after departing.

Later on GYNG was joined by C-GYNP sporting Ornge’s new livery.

C-GYNP later departed to CYTZ.

London’s T33 Red Knight, C-FUPP, went out runway 33 for a flight over Centralia CYCE before returning.

Finally a 1978 Swearingen SA226, C-GKPX, departing Runway 33 on a Med Evac flight to Thunder Bay Ontario.


Never know planes go to this airport, nice pictures

Nice pics! London seems to get some interesting jets @Pajd02 😏

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Neat Pics Mike. Next time Nav Canada CGNVC is in Lutselke (CYLK. )I’ll take photos of that 50FT above a usually dry compact gravel runway …That’s Something we Never See usually, but knowing and working around C.A.R.S I Got that Chance a couple of years back

Very nice!

Amazing Pictures 😄 I really love them Thanks for sharing!

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