Spotting at CYVR (Vancouver International) :D

Traffic picking back up at Vancouver :D

Air Canada Max 8 - location: near the old avis lot

Summit Air Avro RJ100 - location: south terminal

Fedex 767-300Fs - location: accross the street from the mcdonald’s place

Air North 737-500 - location: south terminal

Beech 1900C for mail delivery - location: back of the airport, near where the westjet 737s are stored

Air Canada Q400, sorry for the bad quality, couldn’t cross the street - location: back of the Air canada hangar

[BAD QUALITY PIC] Fedex feeder C208 - location: Dollar smart (locals know)

if you’re wondering, where i spot, then here it is!

I apologize for not-so-great pics. If any local YVR spotter can tell me good places to spot i certainly will give it a try next week :D. That will be much appreciated


Did you buy the camera in that dollar store?


yes i certainly did

Nice pictures! It’s always interesting how much of a variety Vancouver has. From seaplanes to props to the largest jetliners in the business, it has them all! 😍🇨🇦

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yep sadly due to the pandemic the airport got really quiet. Though now the traffic is picking up I have hopes for next week’s spotting session

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Nice pictures

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Nice pics! The first Air Canada shot was the best in my opinion.

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Thank you beef but gone

that’s my 2nd favorite after the avro

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Love these two!

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thanks! the avro is also my favorite

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