Spotting at cruising altitude with binoculars?

So looking at planes at crusing altatude with my binoculars hit me a few days ago, and I have been doing it ever since. Now my binoculars arnt that good(about good enough to tell the tail of an american is kinda red), and I was wondering if anypne had had sucess with this. And if so if you had any recomendations for new binoculars. Now I am not talkink anything insane, but good enough to make out planes roughly, I dont deed to see regstration numbers or anything crazy.
Thanks KPIT

Well it matters, are you trying to spot out planes at Cruising altitude, or on approach to an airport (ex: KPIT)

Well trying to see planes better at cruising altitude, more as a visual to go with flight radar 24, nothing crazy, planes are low enough over my house that I don’t really need binoculars for those…

Well, if you are looking for planes at Cruising, then you’d probably need a more expensive pair

That is what I figured I was wondering if anyone had really tried this or anything before I but an expensive pair of binoculars…

I have before with a $200 pair of binoculars, and it worked quite well, I could tell what airline it was

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I mainly spot planes on approach to GLA from my house when they are still at 7,000ft but I do sometimes spot planes flying transatlantic routes useing binoculars when the planes are at cruising altitude. I have a pair that cost £10 and they work fairly well. I can tell the plane and the airline. And if there is any detail on the fuselage I can slightly see it just only when it is a fair size.

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I’ve tried spotting planes with binoculars at my house in Atlanta, and it works for me, but by the time they come over my house, they are only about 7000-12000ft in altitude. I can’t imagine it working with the cheap pair that I own with aircraft traveling any higher, that is.

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