Spotting at CRQ

Hey y’all,
I decided since I’ve been out and about and just got this new t6 I might as well spend 4 or so hours at Palomar Airport in Carlsbad, CA, my home airport. I noticed I got some decent shots for my thicc 300mm lens and wanted to see what you guys thought! I started out on a perfectly placed hill right above the 24 runway and got some good shots of arrivals, especially when the Pacific is in the background. My friend and I have had a little spot no one knows about till now but we decided to go to the roof of a business building on the north side of the airport to get some good shots of both deps and arrs. Some fun shots so let me know what you guys think! Criticism is much appreciated and I can take anything you feel should be worked on next time I’m down at SAN or here at CRQ. :)

Starting a new Instagram! @southsidespotting

image image image image


Nice pics! Not many people spot GA, but it really is fun in my opinion.


Honestly yeah, since I don’t have the time to go down to SAN, chilling up here with the ga’s is pretty easy for beginners like me and it’s a lot of fun!


@maeyo Nice Pics!


Some nice business jets!


I’m going to be there in about 2 weeks! I love the restaurant at the airport 🙌 great pics.


The 3rd one down 😍😍

At the same time-ew its a Cessna, scribble it out and make it a Piper and we are all good XD

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Thanks so much!

2 out of the 20 were actual bizjets lmao but great to see

The Landing has the best food! Let me know when you’ll be there if you want!

Hahah can’t blame you maks

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