Spotting at Clutters park @ KLAX!

I found this great place to go spotting called Clutter’s Park in Los Angeles and tried it out.

Here are my pictures:

American Airlines Airbus A319

American Airlines Embraer 170 (Please add this as a liver FDS)

American Boeing 737-800

Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-900

United Airlines Boeing 737-800

Alaska Airlines Virgin America livery Airbus A320

American Airlines Boeing 787-9 takeoff

United Airlines Boeing 757-200 takeoff

Frontier Airbus A320

United Airlines CRJ-700

Spirit Airbus A320 (Banana livery)

Hong Kong Airlines Airbus A350 XWB

Alaska Airlines A320 Virgin America livery

American Airlines Airbus A321

Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-800

Cathay Pacific Boeing 777-300ER

Philippine Airlines Boeing 777-300

Volaris A320N

American Eagle CRJ-700 (Soon to be in IF)

Thanks for taking a peak! I’ll take any sort of constructive criticism in the comments!


Real nice photos you got.


Great photos! Happy to see that the A350 is a little more common.

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You’re very talented at what you do, keep it going sir!


What camera/lens do you use?

Lovely photos there!

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Wow you are very talented! I enjoyed viewing all of the photos! Keep it up!

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I used a telephoto lens for the Nikon D3300

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Are you using any application for editing such as LR or Capture One? I really suggest straightening out the photos, because currently most of them are not straight at all. You can try to level against a building, it will usually turn out good enough, avoid other straight lines on aircraft such as the fuselage as the aircraft might not be entirely level. ;)

In the photo of the VX A320 it looks like focus is more set on the tower, so try to also focus on the aircraft. I suggest using manual selection of the AF points as the camera will often make the wrong assumption of where to focus. Of course this depends on your camera and mainly manufacturer so try and retry until you find out what fits you the best.

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Very nice pictures! Somethings that could be worked on are the cropping of the image, and the amount of contrast (increase it). Other than that, perfect!

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The depressing part is that is actually the correct way to phrase it

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Wow! The Airbus A321 American Livery with the Hollywood sign in the back !


Nice find of the PAL 77W!

I was thinking the exact same thing :(


Awesome. Someday I hope to be able to just look at these planes and identify which type they are. I am never able to tell the differences between these aircrafts.
Amazing pictures!


Awesome pictures, thanks for sharing these with us!


Nice pictures !! 😍😍😍

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It really is depressing. You can still book with Virgin America until April thankfully.


Thank you so much! I think I might come back in the future soon!

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