Spotting at Châteauroux (phone)

LFLX ~ on my trip to the southern of French we came across an airport named châteauroux it’s not a really active airport, instead I did mostly see planes that are really old. Here are Some pics, I made it with my phone.

It’s sad to see planes like this.(747-200 I guess.)
The airport sign:)

an A320, US airways.

Thomas cook, if someone knows what they are doing here please reply that then.


What are the Thomas Cook aircraft doing?!

I really have no idea. They doesn’t look old.

Did you get any tail numbers? :)

Nope, I forgot them:( but maybe I go to this airport again.

It’s a aircraft graveyard in France and a training place (777 Swiss for example)

Cool, I also saw a B737 took-off, but it was blue with while lines. I think it was a privet jet or something like that.

I always wonder how they get like that US A319/20 across the pond, can they fly that far? they are not equipped with the correct oceanic clearance equipment


I think they can fly that far without ppl. But I don’t know how it is allowed to do that.

Waiting to be scrapped.

They make the flight in two fases

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They could always go JFK to Reykjavik and kneads I think. Unsure though.

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I think they install additional fuel tanks to be able to fly such a distance.

Ahh! Bet it’s a strain on the engines though!


La puissance de la France !
the french power

Not really, don’t forget the aircraft won’t be anywhere near full. You see airlines make journeys in A320s nowadays that are 5.5 hours+ and they carry enough fuel to hold potentially max passengers and baggage as well. If it had come from the West coast, it definitely would’ve stopped, maybe Reykjavík or the Azores to refuel.

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Pretty impressive with a phone. I like that US Airways A320.

Thanks, it’s made with an IPhone 5C. I hope we take the same route back to home, so I can see the regestration Numbers of that Thomas cook planes.


Puissance de la france !

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Well, British Airways flies an A318 from Shannon - JFK. It is able to make that distance:)