Spotting at Changi Intl on 25th June, Sunday

On the 25th of June, I went to my local airport (WSSS/SIN) for some spotting at the Terminal 1 Viewing Mall. Please bear in mind that these photos were taken through the glass on a slightly cloudy day. Hope you like these photos! Captions have been included beneath the photos

This is an AirAsia A320, HS-ABL, pushing back from the stand.

CX A350 at it’s stand

JetStar A320 which arrived after the AirAsia A320 at the same stand.

CX 777


@Iggydang :). My spotting photos, as promised 😊


Loving that Qantas Cargo in the background of photo 1!! :)

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Nice! What camera/lens combo are you using?


I’m not actually using a camera haha. Just using an iPhone 6+ attached to a filming case which is then screwed onto a tripod. The filming case comes along with 2 lenses (see photo attached). Case is made by iOgrapher in California, USA.

That is the bundle I ordered.

And that’s how the set up would look like. I just received by post yesterday, a tripod head that helps me take photos and videos at better angles. The tripod head is by ZedMotion and is called Z Pan & Tilt Tripod Head

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Nice! Glad you like it 😊

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tip: the window with the triangle on is not tinted so no green filter!!

Actually I haven’t edited the photos at all. This is pulled fresh from my camera roll. Haven’t added any filters :)

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