Spotting at Calgary International (First time)

Hello! A few weeks ago I went spotting for the first time at my home airport (YYC), and these are the results. I only used an IPhone, so quality isn’t the best.

Air Canada A321

United 737

Cargolux 747

Air Canada CRJ

KLM A330

Cargolux 747

Hope you enjoyed! Sorry about the quality, but to the best I can use right now.

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For your first time, i would say you did pretty well! I like the United shots.


Ooh, where is this in the city? I might drive out today and grab some shots at this place!

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Thank you! I hope to get a better camera for next time :b

You’ve got some great shots there, nice job!


#11 on this image. The 747 shots were taken from somewhere else.

If you want me to be more specific I was at the very bottom of that area.


Ah oui! I am definitely checking that out.

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Really nice shots, only thing is that it says WestJet under the United photos, again really nice!

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Didn’t even notice that! Thanks :D

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