Spotting at Burbank

Hey everyone, a few days ago I went plane spotting at bob hope/Hollywood Burbank airport (KBUR.)A citation X, 2 CRJ-700s (American Eagle and United Express) landing, and Two southwest B738s and a BBJ3 739 taking off. All in 30 mins. Just wanted to let you know. Have a good day!

Is this in the real world?

Oh, forgot to mention, I wanted to add this picture of of the United CRJ7 on runway… 8L I believe.

and an American 737 at the gate!

Yes. It is in real life

This belongs in #real-world-aviation

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Oh sorry! I’m new on the IF community.

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Firstly this should be in the correct category (RL or photos), secondly it needs to be in the correct format and thirdly more information is needed. Please do not clog up the forum with blog like posts of what you saw. Many people like myself like very close to an airport thus if everyone stated what they saw then the forum would be way too clogged up and mods would have to monitor 24/7.