Spotting at Brisbane Intl (YBBN) | 03/06

Hi all,

I’ve finally decided to post on here again and decided there was no better way than share some aircraft I captured today!

I got up at stupid O’clock (5am) hoping to catch the Emirates A380 but thanks to their timely service they were early. Thankfully managed to catch some others. Hope you enjoy!

Up first is a Virgin Australia Boeing 737-800 with a P&O ship in the background

Next is a Rex 737-800 smoking it down after flying in from Sydney

Here is a Qantaslink E190 coming from (I believe) Canberra

This stunning A320NEO of Air New Zealand touching down after arriving from Wellington

This nice looking Jetstar A320 took the long way due to an already waiting Qantas 737

A sneaky peek through the RFDS fence revealed this lovely Skytrans Q100 baking in the morning light

Just another Qantas 737-800

A special visitor, a RAAF C-27J Spartan taxiing to logistics for the Air expo

Yes, I know. Another 737. But I really liked the photo so I couldn’t resist. Also they’re common as muck.

Last but not least, this beauty of a Korean 777-200 about to touch down in this stunning sunrise

Thanks all for taking the time to check out these photos, let me know which one was your favourite!

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Have a lovely day and thanks again for checking them out! If you have any feedback, comments or criticism please let me know :)


Beautiful shots Benji!
I especially love the sunset shots

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Thanks so much OEJ!



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