Spotting at Boston's General Edward Lawrence Logan International Airport

Welcome to Another Spotting topic by Yours Truly!

Today, I went to go visit Constitution Beach! I stayed there for 1 hour and 23 minutes. I Went and was finally able to catch the British Airways Airbus A380! I am so happy I was finally able to see the A380 for the first time.

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I hope you will enjoy the Pictures! I hope to go back and spot again soon!

A Delta Boeing 767-300 is seen taxiing to Terminal E after landing from LHR with the Logan Tower and jetBlue Airbus A320 in the Background

Cape Air Cessna C402 seen flying by the Tower after taking off

Remember Charlie? He’s back in the spotlight today!

A Delta Boeing 767-300 in the “Andrew Young: Atlanta’s Ambassador to the World” Livery seen Taxiing after landing from Paris-Charles De Gaulle
A United B737-900ER seen Taxiing to Terminal B after landing from Huston Intercontinental
Traffic at Logan Airport
Delta A330 Taxiing off the Runway after landing from AMS, taxiing to Terminal E

Lot’s of planes landed and I saw many heavies! But for the last Three Pictures, I will feature the big catch of the Day: The Airbus A380!

This airplane was just so big! I filmed it and it passed a Spirit A319, and if that was next to the A319, it would tower over it!

Perfect front shot of the A380 turning off the Runway! I waited for it to turn and face me then take the picture! If you look closely, you’ll see that the A380 has double Strobes on the top of the fuselage!

And finally, here is a full size picture of G-XLED!

I Hope you enjoyed! I Obviously have more pictures I would love to share, but I can’t due to the limit of only 10 pictures per post.

These are the ones I thought were the best pictures to Feature in this Spotting post. Leave a comment below on the one you liked the most. Thanks for viewing my post!


did you perhaps mean a -900ER?


Yes I did! Thanks for pointing that out :)

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That’s a big title with no ICAO. 😂😂😂 Took me a minute to figure it out.

Great photos Daniel, nonetheless!


Amazing A380 shots! Well done! I didnt know about the A380 having two strobe lights

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I want to see who would know what airport it was and where it was located. Great to know that you know which airport it was :)!

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Omg!!! Charlie is back 😍. Pretty nice photos!

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Where’s my tag?

Kidding, of course (but I don’t mind a tag). Amazing shots here, Daniel. Looks like you were there from 12PM to a little after 1:30PM – shame…

You could’ve captured the new Avianca El Salvador flight operated by the A320neo. I think it rolled around there a little after 2:30 this afternoon. :)

All good though. Do come back soon!

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I like the 3rd bird! She looks amazing!

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I really Cannot stay that late unfortunately, as I live up in Manchester, and we actually almost ended up in a collision going home due to the amount of Traffic that there was on the highway today.

Took us nearly 3 hours to get home

Someday though! or maybe I’ll just fly to San Salvador on Avianca El Salvador from Boston

Hmmm… Maybe next year

Wait, since when did an A380 fly to Boston?

Since Last year February if I remember

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Love that pic of Charlie!

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This is one of the best spotting topics I have seen!

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I would love to visit Huston but I have yet to find it on a map lol. Anyways, great shots! I have been to Constitution Beach once, but it was cloudy and the planes were landing on another runway that day. My favorite is the Cessna 402 shot.

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I actually arrived at the Beach when they were using the Other runways instead of Runway’s 4L and 4R. Luckily, they did actually change runway’s while I was there to RWY’s 4L and 4R.

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Hi everyone! Visit my Facebook page to see more pictures! I just finished posting pictures there, I mostly picked out the ones that are more presentable.

You’ll also get more Information, such as where the Airplane came from. Some of the posts even list the Registration and age!

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Link to page

I never knew the full name; I always call it Boston-Logan.

Yes, that is indeed it full name, its common names are:

  • Boston-Logan International
  • Logan International

At least, those are the ones that I’m aware of, community let me know if there are any im missing


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