Spotting at Boston!

Hey guys!

Earlier today I went spotting at Boston Logan Int’l. Traffic was landing on 22L so I was able to get some nice shots from two different locations. Let me know what you think!

P.S. Can a regular edit a poll into this for options 1-10? I don’t know how to!

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There’s your poll!

The American B38M and the flag is very nice though I voted for the LH 744. All the pictures are very nice and well photographed!


That 744 and the EK 77W are amazing! Keep up the good work! Also love the AA with the flag.

Thank you! I’m glad someone noticed that :). It was a MAX too.


Nice work!

Love the American Airlines MAX and the flag :) 🇺🇸


I appreciate it!

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I also had a Qatar 77W, but I figured 1 777 was enough :). I’ll post it though if you guys want.

Please do!

These are some beautiful pics, incredible!

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Coming right up!

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Beautiful! I love the engines on the triple seven, they’re so big and beautiful.

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Me too. The thing’s a beast, it looks so cool when it’s coming right at you!

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What kind of camera do you have? I’m thinking of getting one so I can take the bus to Denver to take some pics.

I have a Canon Rebel T1I. It’s the oldest camera in the Canon Rebel series. They have already come out with the T7i. Anyways, as you can see, it works pretty well. I have a 55-250mm lense which does the trick for planespotting on a budget. A bigger lense will be expensive. Anyways, I’m a noob with cameras, so if I can do it, you can too!

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I found one online for only $50!

Thanks so much! I’ll probably get one sometime soon (I have some money saved and I’m waiting for a new CPU to come out, so maybe if I have some money left over after that I’ll pick this up).

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The camera or lense? Anyways good luck!

Just looked, that camera:

“Item Note: Unit will not power on; battery stuck; can not make images with this camera. May have other issues; cosmetic condition is V. SOLD AS IS FOR PARTS ONLY; FINAL SALE.”

I would get something newer like a T6 at the least, it will help if you want to evolve into better glass later on.


Yeah that sounded way too cheap.

The Biggest!


Very nice photos @Pilot_B! I miss working at KBOS. 😞