Spotting at Boston-Logan International Airport

It was a warm day in the city so I decided to go spotting. Here’s a few shots I took. Enjoy! :)

Qatar Airways A350-900 from Doha.

British Airways 747-400 from London.

Spirit Airlines A320-200N to Atlanta.

American Airlines 737-800 to Chicago.

International Tails at Terminal E.

Spirit Airlines A320-200 from Orlando.

WestJet Encore Dash 8-Q400 to Toronto-Pearson.

Scandinavian Airlines 737-700BBJ from Copenhagen.

JetBlue A321-200 from Los Angeles.

Virgin America A320-200 from San Francisco.

Air Canada E-190 to Toronto-Pearson.

Alaska Airlines 737-900ER from Portland.

Southwest Airlines 737-700 (California One) from Kansas City.

JetBlue A320-200 (FDNY) from Orlando.

JetBlue E-190 (Blueprint) from Jacksonville.

WestJet Encore Dash 8-Q400 from Toronto-Pearson.

Hainan Airlines 787-9 to Shanghai.

JetBlue A320-200 (Vets in Blue) to Tampa.

American Eagle CRJ-200 from Rochester.

Aer Lingus A330-200 from Dublin.

WOW Air A321-200 from Reykjavik.

United Airlines 777-200ER from San Francisco.

Porter Airlines Dash 8-Q400 from Toronto-City.

Hainan Airlines 787-9 to Beijing.

TAP Portugal A330-200 from Lisbon.

Lufthansa 747-8i (Fanhansa Sigerflieger) to Frankfurt.

Air Canada Express CRJ-200 from Montreal-Trudeau.

Lufthansa 747-8i Lifting off of Runway 22L.

Japan Airlines 787-9 from Tokyo-Narita

Photos taken with Nikon Coolpix L830.

Sorry if some of the photos aren’t up to par - I’m not the best photographer out there, unfortunately. I also didn’t expect so many arrivals to be on runway 27. I had to zoom in a bunch, while fighting the gusty winds, to take the best shots possible so some may have ended up looking horrible. I have many more photos and I’ll probably upload them to Flickr at a later date. I’ll paste a link to the full album soon.


Nice photos, the Spirit a320 in the yellow livery looks like an a320 NEO


What time was this at, more specifically TAP?

Very nice photos regardless of the wind conditions, my friend! I wasn’t aware that SAS operated the BBJ version of the 737-700. :)

California One is a 737-700

Technically, they don’t! It’s actually PrivatAir who operates the flights.

Ohh ok. Now I see why it’s a 737-700 BBJ. Thanks for the info! Glad to learn something new! :)

All photos were taken between the hours of 2PM and 5PM EDT. TAP217 arrived around 4:50, I believe. :)


SAS operates the 737-700BBJ daily to Boston as of last March. As @N644US said, PrivatAir operates the BBJ for SAS. :)

Is it really? I remember seeing 737-300 on FR24. :)

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I love the Qatar’s A350 one! Looked sleek and beautiful imho

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My favorite was definitely the 747-8i taking off! Great photos!

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The original got sent to Arizona it’s now a 700

Thanks. I’ll change it. :)

That was a United Express CRJ-200 behind the Air Canada E190 right?

Not completely sure. It could be a CRJ-200 or an Embraer E135/145. :)

It was a CRJ-700 because that’s all I found that looks like that plane that goes to Boston Logan. Idk if it’s true but…

I know United Express operates the CRJ-700 and the ERJ-135/145 to Boston so it could be one of those.

Yeah good point, but the only united express ive been on is a CRJ-200

When are you spotting next ?

Sometime in May or June.


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