Spotting at Belgrade airport (LYBE)

Hey guys, so about a week ago, I had my flight from BEG-DOH on Qatar”s A321. Before the flight, I managed to take some pictures off the aircraft parked. Enjoy!

So first off, is Aviolet B737-300 (Airserbia)

Then, here is a Pegasus A320

Next, was an Etihad A320

Then this WizzAir A320

And then my Qatar Airways A321

And last, this AirSerbia A330 in the new livery!

So I hope you like the pictures guys! Have a nice day!


Amazing spots!! I’ve been to LYBE numerous times and there’s always some cool planes to spot.

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That’s awesome to hear! Thanks mate!

Grandma I BEG you to make some cookie DOH

Will you post some pictures from DOH?

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Hi mate, I just said that I was doing a flight to Doha, I didn’t take any pictures because it was dark, and it’s very hard to find a good spot to take pictures of arrival.

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Nice pictures! Although I am interested what is it like to fly on an Airbus A320 to Doha? Let me know about the differences, thanks!

What do you mean? I flew on an A321. You want to know the differences between flying on an A320, and an A321?

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I meant the differences for flying a Qatar A321 instead of the A350.

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Well first, Qatar never operated the A350 to Belgrade, but I see what you mean.
Well I don’t know mate, it’s much smaller, seats are I dont know, the same? It’s just that you feel much more turbulence in an A321 then an A350. I just like flying on heavies more.

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Nice shots.

Thanks mate!

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