Spotting at Bandung (BDO/WICC) 28/6/18

Heres the best pictures from my early morning spotting session at BDO on the 28th of June.
AirAsia Malaysia (Connecting ASEAN Livery) A320-200

Citilink A320-200

AirAsia Indonesia A320-200

Lion Air (80th Boeing Next Generation 737 livery)

All photos were taken with a Nikon D7000 and Canon Powershot SX720HS. Thanks for taking a look and good day!


Nice shots! Have you spot at kertajati airport? Is it a good place to do some planespotting there?

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Thanks! I wanted to, but I didn’t have enough time. I probably never will spot there because I just moved to Abu Dhabi.

Well, you can spot there when you came back home… please spot from abu dhabi… would love to see etihad heavies :)

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I’ve moved here for good but hopefully I’ll visit Indonesia again :( I definitely will spot here!

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