Spotting at Amsterdam Schiphol Panorama Terrace 20/06/17

Before my flight back to London Luton, I made a quick visit to the Panorama Terrace at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. I would highly recommend a visit, the deck has great views over several of the gates and Runway 18L/36R. Signage is very good, and there are several shops/restaurants on the deck.

Enjoy this selection of pictures, taken with a Canon EOS 700D & EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS ii USM Zoom lens.

The left side of the terrace. KLM Boeing 737-7K2(WL) PH-BGH sits at Gate D3

From the left side of the terrace, Gates E2 to E24 are visible. Some of these gates are home to special boarding aerobridges that link to the aft doors of KLM’s 747 fleet. Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner PH-BHE, Boeing 747-406(M) PH-BFS, Kenya Airways Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner 5Y-KZO as well as many other KLM 747s are visible.

The deck is also home to Fokker F100 PH-OFE. I was too busy snapping photos to have a look inside, but never fear, as I will return to Amsterdam soon to complete my mission!

This is the view from the right side of the terrace, overlooking part of the twin fork concourse that houses the “D” gates.

KLM “Retro Jet” Boeing 737-8K2(WL) PH-BXA was parked at one of the D Gates, surrounded by ground vehicles.

KLM Boeing 737-7K2(WL) PH-BGH pushing back for some European destinations.

KLM Boeing 737-8K2(WL) PH-BGA pulling onto stand after the short hop from Heathrow.

Aeromexico Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner N183AM on the move.

KLM Boeing 737-8K2(WL) PH-BXG taxiing for departure.

Alitalia Airbus A320-214 EI-DTK. Wonder how long it will be until these are a thing of the past :(

Air Europa Boeing 737-85P(WL) EC-MJU pulls onto stand in the boring new livery

Flybe De Havilland Canada DHC-8-402Q Dash 8 G-FLBA taxiies out for departure.

KLM Boeing 737-8K2(WL) PH-BXD pushing back

And that’s all folks!

Sorry for the lack of aircraft variety, and some heat haze in the shots. The best time to visit the terrace is during morning rush hour. Unfortunately, at that time, I was on a train heading for Amsterdam from Bruge. Somethings just can’t be helped.

If you plan to visit the terrace, make sure you have at least a 200mm lens. A 300mm or 400mm would be quite good for taxi shots, when the taxiways around visible from the spot are very busy (during the mornings).

Comment below which shot you liked the most! If you want to see more, check out my Instagram:

Thanks :)


Those are some great photos mate 🖒🖒

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Once again you come through. I like the shots of the cargo loading.
What were you doing at Schiphol ?
In Amsterdam? Brugges is a nice town. I used to fly on business from SFO to AMS on KLM606----thus my callsign N606KL

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I have a loving for the retro liveries, so that must be my favorite photo of the trip!

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So what’s the deal with ’ PH-BFS’? It does look like it’s on a cargo stand but has the cargo door and is taking on cargo? Is it a mix, if so that’s cool but bizarre, never seen that before

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Whoa. Epic shots!!!

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It is a BCF which stands for “Boeing Converted Freighter” This means it was probably a retired KLM passenger 747-400 and Boeing turned it into a cargo craft.


Thanks :) I was in travelling around the Netherlands and Belgium for a few days. Absolutely agree, Bruge is beautiful!

What type of camera do you use? I’m looking at buying one and these photos are awesome!

@Kevin_Potthast Actually, PH-BFS is a 747-406(M), which means she is a combi. She was delivered to KLM with the front half as passenger, and the back half as cargo space. Not BCF, originally delivered M.

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I use a Canon EOS 700D, which is relatively cheap and a good DSLR to start with. However, it is my lens which provides the incredibly sharp shots. The EF 70-200mm f2.8L IS II USM is the full name. It has super fast AF, great image stabilization and the sharpness is incredible. Unfortunately, it comes at quite a high price, and I would not recommend it to start with unless you have a lot of money to spend!

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Great photos, it’s amazing how much better the new KLM livery looks than the old, even though it’s a small change.

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I figured it would be. I’ve been bouncing around pawn shops and its the lenses that are high in price. I live next to Dallas Love Field and I have a spot picked out where I can get some excellent shots. I’m gonna look around online. I don’t trust pawn shops. Thanks for the information sir.

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Oh, interesting. Thank you for the correction :)

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There is no 787 there, you have a tail shot of a 737. Otherwise great photos!!

I’m intrigued and slightly annoyed as to why it’s not there. Must have just forgotten to add it in! Thanks for notifying me!

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Nice photos and always a pleasure to see spotting pics from Schipol.

BTW, Kenya Airways doesnt have any plane with the tail number 5Y-KZO. You might have seen 5Y-KZC :)

Good day.

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