Spotting at Amsterdam, 7th May

Hi there! 2 days back, I went on a spotting trip at Amsterdam! and I wanna share my best shots with you!

The Klm special, the Orange Pride livery heading to Los Angeles!

the Delta A330-900 heading to New York

the newest addition to the Belavia, the E195-E2 jets heading to Minsk!

the Qatar Cargo Boeing 777-F heading towards doha full of cargo!

the Transavia B737-800 heading to Malaga!

the China airlines with the beautiful A350-900 heading back to Taipei!

the Air China cargo Boeing 777-F heading to Shanghai

China southern cargo arriving into Amsterdam!

Emirates B777-300ER heading out of Amsterdam for Dubai!

Etihad B787 passing the Schiphol tower on its way to Abu Dhabi

China southern A380 heading to Guangzhou.

KLM with the B787-10 with the 100-years special heading to Chicago!


Flying Gummy Worm goes nyoooooom

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Fantastic pictures! Really cool to see the E2 as well as many other great pictures especially with the sky background with contrast between blue and cloudy. Thanks for sharing!

thank you so much for your kind words, in some hours the China Southern A380 will be added as I dont have that from my camera so stay tuned for that :)


Looking forward to it!

Nice photos!

Love these shots! Nice job!

My favorite gummy worm plane livery!!

That is one clean shot

thanks sir! means a lot

its a very good livery🙂

thanks sir! happy that I caught it :)

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@JulianB Hi! I added some more planes including the A380!

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Amazing! Loved the first one

those are great shots, living near the boarder and still waiting for summer so i can go spotting finay at AMS first time. right now weather isn´t good and the covid restrictions also blocking me to go there.

ahh yes, AMS really is good, if you need some spots let me know :)

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Thank you for the tag! Great additions to the topic, especially the A380 and the special livery KLM 787, which are really looking great! Thanks for sharing :)

The flying blue whale has awoken…

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