Spotting at Adolfo Suarez Madrid-Barajas Airport ( DÍA DEL PAVO EN ESPAÑA SPOTTING )

Greetings from Madrid, Spain 🇪🇸 hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving last night, ours was amazing we may need to go on a diet before Christmas rolls around and hope you guys are so far having a great Black Friday for those who decided to go out shopping or you can wait till Cyber Monday be personally I’d wait mainly since I’m not home but I took today out last day in Madrid to do some plane spotting at Barajas airport it’s just me nobody else, they are all at the apartment where staying at but let’s get into it!

Our first 3 pics are ALL American Airlines Boeing 777-200ERs, the first one is heading to Charlotte!

Here is the flight I’ll be on tomorrow morning to go back home! American Airlines flight 69 from here in Madrid to Miami 🏝️😎

🎶 Big lights will inspire youu, let’s hear it for Newww Yorkkk🗽🍎🎶 but seriously this one is going to JFK.

Here is Aeromexico flight 2, their Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner service from MAD to Mexico City, Mexico 🇲🇽 their 2nd most important flight with number 1 being the MEX → MAD flight.

Now times time for everybody’s favorite airline,


Anyways, off they go to the island of Tenerife in the canary’s, they are going to the airport on the NORTH which was the setting of the Tenerife Airport Disaster when a KLM 747 struck a Pan Am 747 on the Runway killing 583 people which still to this day remains the deadliest aviation accident in history. as for myself, I’m going there in February 2024 on my rich friends Bombardier Challenger 350 excited to be on it again! 😝

Jumping into the night we have this MAGNIFICENT 😍 Iberia Airbus A350-900 heading down to Buenos Aires, Argentina 🇦🇷 I’m looking at flight to go back but they’re super expensive in both money and miles smh.

From talking about expensive fares, we summoned EasyJet, with their A320 service form MAD across the Iberian Peninsula to Lisbon, Portugal 🇵🇹

Just before the A350 heading to The Paris of South America departed, a less magnificent but still good looking Iberia Airbus A330-300 departed to the city across the water from it. I’m talking about Montevideo, Uruguay 🇺🇾

Throwbacks to previous trips are always awesome, especially if it was the one you did last. This WizzAir A321-200 revives one of the most memorable and most expensive trips I’ve done as her destination is Rome, Italy 🇮🇹

It’s time for a jumbo to show up, here we have wrapping it up for today the flagship Emirates Airbus A380 on its 6 and a half hour Journey to Dubai, UAE 🇦🇪 and guess what?


I booked a trip to the Maldives 🇲🇻 and instead of doing the casual MIA to London 🇬🇧☕️ flight, I’ll connect in DXB have a layover to explore Dubai before flying down to paradise! So stay tuned for that and tomorrow as we return to the 305 🏝️😎 and as always between now and the next time, see you in the sky! 😉👋


Lovely Pics!


Love the second American B772 pic with the tower in the back, have a safe flight tmrw!

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Thanks you! 🙏🏻


Very Nice Pics!

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