Spotting at a busy OJAI

Hello again👋today I went spotting at OJAI. Enjoy the photos.


Server = expert
Aircraft = N/A
Time of flight = 0:00
Route = OJAI - OJAI

Turkish A350 departing straight out

MEA A321 taxiing to the runway

A huge row of Royal Jordanian 787’s

Turkish cargo taxiing to the runway with a Royal Jordanian in front

Dubai 737, Royal Jordanian 787 and an Etihad A321 waiting for takeoff

all photos edited with Adobe Lightroom.


Purely amazing 👌

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Lovely pictures @BennyBoy007

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Thanks! (10chrcter)


Yes yes

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Let’s not turn this into any argument or off topic posts please.

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Lol. Nice job tho

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