Spotting Assistance

Hi, me and my family decided to go on a little trip, and I would like to ask the Community what airports have the best spotting locations from Pennsylvania to the West Coast. And I’ll form my route by the results.

Again thank you, Cheers!

LAX. No question about it. DFW has some nice spots.

Side comment: This is the absolute worst time to be taking a trip, to go spotting no less. There’s barely any flights into airports every day.

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I would say JFK/EWR but it won’t fit your range. Maybe ORD has a very cool variety of aircrafts from all over Europe and Asia.

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So which one is it?

Now is the time to stay home, not go travel. You don’t have much to spot anyways. But if you really want…

There’s not really too many “good” airports on that route. ORD I guess if you’re good with a longer lens. Obviously LAX. SFO is not bad either but their best spot closed down.


Ok thanks to all.

Closed by request