Spotting around the State of Montana

Over this summer I got to spend a lot of time planespotting around Montana going from a few different airports including, Bozeman BZN, Helena HLN and finally Great Falls GTF.

The first picture is from BZN of a JetBlue A320 pushing off of A1 going to JFK.

Next is a Gulfstream G650 departing BZN from the annual Google event held in the Yellowstone club which is a gated community for rich people.

I then went to the Helena Airport and saw Alpine Air Beechcraft 1900 on the ramp.

I got to go behind the scenes at the airport.
The first picture is of the biggest airport snowplow in the state.

Next we saw the aviation fire and rescue training center for the state.

The next day I went up to Great Falls to see the airshow. This was the first airshow Iā€™d been to in four years.
The first picture from the airshow is of a OA-15 on static display.

The next airplane is a KC-46 of the Connecticut National Guard on static display

The last of the static display aircraft was a Montana Air National Guard C-130 heritage livery.

Final picture and ending with a formation pass of the USAF Thunderbirds F-16.

Thank you for looking at my pictures and have a wonderful day!


Lovely photos! I was in Bozeman in August and it was a neat little airport.

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Yet another amazing Montana topic Nathan!

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