Spotting around Seattle while my family is shopping

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When I was up in Seattle late last month, our last day there was spent down near the piers. Now I didn’t know what to expect - but a day with bunches of stops at gift shops just wasn’t speaking my language. So I stayed outside, conveniently right next to both SeaTac and Boeing Field’s approach paths. That lead me to see dozens of planes I’d usually never see, and keep the boredom away because for much of the day it felt like a rapid fire of planes coming by!

From a prototype 777-9, to a 717 headed to the desert, here’s some of what I saw


1| Right off the bat, here’s N779XW coming back to its home at BFI from the Paris Airshow, after a stop at St. Louis (STL).

2| Coming along next is N984AK, a (as of taking the photo) undelivered 737 MAX 9 for Alaska Airlines flying into BFI from MWH.

3| An R-44 by the registration fo N447RC on one of its several passes in this general area.

4| N506DA coming into SeaTac from Orlando

5| VH-NXI has made quite the journey loosely hopping around the edge of the pacific and is on its second to final flight, that being ANC-BFI.

6| N403DX lumbering overhead just short of 10 hours after taking off from Seoul.

7| After a little over 9 hours of flying from Amsterdam, here’s N819NW!

8| One goal I had for this trip was to catch at least 2 of Alaska’s A321neos (which I did), as who knows if they’ll be in service by the time I get near Seattle next. So here’s N923VA coming up from Los Angeles.

9| N284FE turning in towards SeaTac’s runway 16R


  • 1| 777-9X
  • 2| Alaska 737 MAX 9
  • 3| R-44 overhead
  • 4| Delta A321neo
  • 5| QantasLink 717
  • 6| Delta A330-900
  • 7| Delta A330-300
  • 8| Alaska A321neo
  • 9| FedEx 767-300

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*if there are any formatting issues or whatnot with this, do let me know but I’m pretty sure this is correct *


the qantas one suprised me, i was thinking that
a: no way it can do that
b: was this a real flight
but then realized…

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Poor Minidoggie. 😞

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Surprised me too, i saw the plane icon on flightradar and thought it was a ERJ or a private jet of sorts… but then i saw the QantasLink logo above it

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What camera?

it’s a Panasonic DC-ZS200

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Ooh. I use a Canon EOS 90D with a 70-300mm lens

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