Spotting around Queenstown - Scenic Backdrops

An Air NZ A320 on final approach

A Jetstar A320 off to Auckland

A very colourful heli


Amazing! Dropped you a follow on Instagram!


Love this helicopter!!


These pictures are amazing. Well done!

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B - E - A - U - T - I - F - U - L

That helicopter is amazing, I love that scenery behind the A320, and the runway photo with the JetStar A320 is a really unique angle. Incredible photos, I’ve never seen anything like these!

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Awesome photos!

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WOW, Those colors and background are amazing!!

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This is amazing. Gonna drop a follow on Instagram

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Holy 🦀! That helicopter shot was amazing! All of them were, but the heli was my favorite, the backdrop 😍!

Holy moly!! Such amazing pictures and amazing backgrounds!! I thought for sure that the first picture had the background painted! Keep up this work.

Incredible!!! The pictures are absolutely stunning, the background is fantastic as well, it’s really an incredible scenery! And the overhead shots are even more special, it’s really difficult to get such pictures but if they work out as they do here it’s fantastic. Thank you very much for the pictures!

We’re the first two pictures taken from a mountain?

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Thanks, appreciate it.

It’s a stunning livery!

Glad you liked it!

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Cheers, appreciate it!

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New Zealand scenery doesn’t disappoint!

Stunning!! 😍

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Thanks, the first two were indeed taken from a mountain overlooking the airport!

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Oh wow nice pics mate! I happened to be at Queenstown about 2 weeks ago and did bit of plane spotting myself

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What an intresting angle for the two first photos, great shots thx for sharing