Spotting and out of Geneva

Well…Geneva was something…I kinda did participate in the event but I had go out since the line was ridiculously long and most of the gates are packed so I switched to spot and head out


Cessna 172 skyhawk

Waiting in gate and some confusion

Easyjet A319 In the gate while the Delta a350 departs

As the Line continues with the Cathay 77W Butters…I mean lands at Runway 04

SWISS A321-200 At short final

Even with the planes very high the line was ridiculously gets longer

The bois spotting

Aight Imma head out

Hello Fellow German Dude

Mountain shot

Landed with the sun setting in Lyon

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Is the poll for a rating or for each specific picture?

Anyway, these are amazing!

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Each specific picture

Nice pictures! Geneva was pretty crazy as i’ve noticed.


Yea hopefully you survived it

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Yes I did. Just BARELY though

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I’m loving the alps, awesome photos too, @GameBoy_KIRB!

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The range of aircraft is absolutely amazing, huge well done!
Cign :D

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Nice photos! I was the Cessna next to you

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@Butter_Boi yep sometimes the alps are one of the beauty parts of Europe
@Captain_Cign Yep even it was longer
@Edoardo_C Cool! Hope you had fun spotting Also

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Anyway this is Geneva when it was busy

Hi mate. I was there in the Swiss A330. I saw a C172 and i’m like

Vat you doin at Geneva hub?

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Yeah lol I was that one A330 in the PROPER swiss livery

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You saw my callsign K-1RB7?

I think so, Mine was QF2343 and/or UPS … super

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In a C172 parked behind 4L

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i will check it later

Mountain shot is amazing

It’s crazy that we have it now in 3D!

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