Spotting (and flying) at Dublin!

I just got IF on my iPad, and it’s great to have all the settings on max! To test it out, I headed to the busy event spot of today, Dublin! Enjoy these photos as I fly around Dublin in the new Crystal 777L. The behavior I saw on the expert server today was appalling. I am aware that this situation will be hard to tackle, and I won’t be mad if this gets closed, but I’ve just never seen the situation this bad.


Aircraft: 777-200LR
Livery: Crystal Luxury Airlines
Server: Expert
Time: 0100Z OCT10

P1: A 772 getting a little too close to an A350

P2: Same plane cuts right in front of me (I’ve been waiting for 10 minutes)

P3: Finally holding short, aaaaand. Yeah. didn’t get ghosted

P4: Different view

P5: Taking off! I love the gear tilt on the 777s!

P6: An F14 (I think) overrunning runway 34 at 111kts (when this screenshot was taken)

I will not release the usernames of these people.
Also, I am a Grade 3 pilot, and I actually have no say, since I’m only grade 3. But at least I try bring realism to the expert server. I’ve seen some bad moments, but this is definitely the worst that I’ve ever seen.
Anyways, enjoy these photos!


that place was insane today

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