Spotting an A330 breaking through thick cloud cover in Hong Kong


I live around 1 hour and 15 minutes away from Hong Kong’s airport. On one nice day, I woke up early to go spotting. It was a clear day and I was ready to catch my first shot of one of Air Asia’s A330s.

When I left the train to get on the bus which takes me to a spot, it was absolutely pouring. Below is an image I took on the bus that goes to my spot.

Nevertheless, I found a covered spot and started waiting for the A330. And as I checked my camera settings, I looked up to the sky to see it was completely blanketed with thick clouds. Not expecting more than a blurry picture, I spammed out 13 shots to try get at least one which was somewhat acceptable. The result?

(f8, 1/400)

Possibly my best shot to date. What do you think?

Anyways, hope you like the photo. If possible, please head over to my instagram where I post my aviation pictures and drop a follow (I plan to post more often soon).


Never really seen a photo like that here, love the clouds there!

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Like the fog and clouds covering the A330! Hong Kong does have foggy and wet weather🌧


It looks so cool!

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Thanks everyone 😊

Really nice ghostly shot of great plane, good job!

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