Spotting Airport KVUO

Did anyone else notice how realistic it is to park at KVUO in Seattle and watch aircraft landing? The echo airport is right underneath the crossing 1500 feet ILS approach from Runways 10L and 10R at KPDX.
So if you want some good spotting shots, I’d recommend this airport in expert or TS1 for a FNF, group flight, Turbulant Tuesday’s, events, etc! Picture below for some proof…almost looks like real spotting.

(Yes I isn’t zoom in. But this is the farthest view so just imagine a much closer aircraft lol)

Figured this out while on a group Frontier flight with some of my pilots.

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Cool. KBFI also offers a great spotting location. Planes approaching KSEA fly directly overhead. When I control BFI, I do more plane spotting than controlling sometimes (when my traffic work load is low). Hehe


Did you know that when selecting the controller option, if you don’t select any of the frequencies to control, you can go in the game and just Free Roam/Spot. Does this still happen to you IFATC guys? I do this all the time on TS1.


Yes I happens for IFATC. I rather control though.


lol I used to do that before my time was taken up on other things. Makes me homesick for the days when I’d sit in the tower watching aircraft land and takeoff…those were the days #homesick #bringbackspotting


@SkyHighGuys maybe you can find a spotting location somewhere in the New York region for the FNF tonight.

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