Spotting AGAIN?! | Munich, October 12, 2019

First of all, dang that is a huge list of past spotting topics.

Second, damn those are some awesome photos. JetPhotos anyone?

Me: posts A350

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Nope, haven’t mentioned that yet. Usually ISO 100, Av mode and f8

That should work well :)

Let’s see what the reviewers think, if all goes well some pics might be on there in around 10 days ;)


Great spotting as always! :)

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Wish I had your skill.

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Thanks! As you can probably see from my old topics (yes, there are even some I don’t link in posts) it‘s been quite some work to get to where the quality is now :)

Wow. Interesting to hear. Really neato stuff there. Hope you continue on!

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It works very well

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What kind of friend am I not to reply to a @Moritz spotting topic?! I guess I’ll just have to make up for it by giving my thoughts on the photos. We’re not done yet, folks.

I actually really like this livery. The bands around the engines look really nice, and I like the tail. Nice shot!

How pretty. Gotta love the A350.

This is a really nice photo too. The Expo liveries are really neat. Not sure if I like them better on the A380 or the 777s…

The new livery definitely fits the Airbus Whale well. Such a nice blue…

This is… unique. I like the tail the best. Certainly not a livery that you see every day…

SunExpress has the weirdest advertisements. So strange…

This is a livery I’d love to see in person one day. So nice looking!

This livery is definitely superior to the old one. The reds look so nice with those greens… great work RAM.

Staying with the reds I guess, eh @Moritz? I love the Avianca livery on the 787. Looks so nice!

Man… Wish we had the old livery in IF, but oh well. I really don’t know which one I like more… Well, they both look great on the A350. Great looking bird.


You really need to think what LH livery is better? What kind of friend are you?! 🤯


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