Spotting Advice at Glasgow Airport

Im thinking of asking my grandparents if they can take me plane spoting at Glasgow sometime soon but im not sure where is good. It needs to be near the runway but have parking so my grandpa can stay in the car but still see my gran and I.

I found an amazing spotting guide for Glasgow:

Have fun! I can’t wait to see some pictures.

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If you have Instagram, try DMing one of my friends. He has some good places at Glasgow

Have you ever been spotting at GLA

No, but you can use spotting guides. I you need help settings up your camera just PM me.

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There are a few pretty unique aircraft at Glasgow, try and plan your trip to see the Air Transat A310, it’s getting increasingly rare sadly, replaced by a330-200.
You will be able to catch the twin otter, prepare to be amazed by how short the takeoff roll is!
Being Scotland though, most important thing is for a good weather day!
Good luck and enjoy!

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I have seen the air transet A310 when I drove past. It is an amazing aircraft.


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