Spotting a white leopard in its natural habitat with Sir Attenborough

Whoever is responsible for adding this livery: gracias a lot
The DRC is a truly beautiful country that I never really discovered besides Kinshasa and Lubumbashi but thanks to this livery I could now discover the country in all of its beauty.

Can you guess where this was taken?



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Yep Probaby DRC.

Well, I meant more like an airport/city since they only serve the DRC anyway ^^

To be fair, you’re correct though. Here’s a 🍪


I will find , trust me ;)

sorry i already ate the cookie

You only get one guess though. They don’t serve a lot of destinations

Then here’s your express ticket to diabetes


is it Around Kinshasa?

Nope, it’s not Kinshasa or Lubumbashi. That’s all I am gonna say

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Dont know… around Butembo?

That’s more like it. Still not correct though. Nice try!

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mount Rwenzori , DRC

No, not quite. It’s a totally different airport and mountain. But good guess!

Is it Mbandaka airport?

A little bigger than that I believe. The airport has direct and indirect links to Kinshasa. The existence of mountains also gives a good hint in my opinion

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That’s already in Zambia

Oh sorry about that 😅

Does this airport have scheduled flights?