Spotting A Community Member @ KROC | June 14th, 2020

Hello IFC!

Those of you who know me well know that despite my home airport being Greater Rochester International (not Toronto Pearson as everyone thinks), I’ve never actually spotted there. That changed over the weekend.

@Ashea58, a friend and former community member, invited me to the airport to spot him doing pattern work. I even got to go airside for a brief bit.

Shot on D7500 + Tamron 100-400 and SP 45

Out on the ramp, here’s the DA40 Diamond Star XLS sitting dormant. Personally, out of the small “trainer” props, the Diamond has always stood out to me as the only one that actually looks good.

Engine start and some checklists, I think.

Doing patterns on Runway 4. The beauty of pattern work is that you have multiple chances to get good shots, so it was a perfect time to practice some panning. 1/125, 400mm.

1/100, 320mm.

1/60, 300mm.

KROC is so devoid of airliners these days that this becomes a treat.

Signature departure shot.

Despite the lack of airliners, business traffic is still pretty good.

My first time spotting a Citation X, I think.

Blurry but I really dig the composition of this shot. If only airliners could land on 7/25.

Thanks for viewing! My next KROC spotting quest is the Kalitta Charters II 727, so if for some reason there’s anyone out there viewing this who knows KII well, please message me.


This one would be nice to be added to Jetphotos


It’s a little soft for that.


Same. Amarillo only serves 6 airports and 3 airlines. Southwest, American Eagle, and United Express. But I see a lot of military fighter jets and GA aircraft so that’s cool.

But anyway, really great shots!

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Yeah, I’m not sure how many airports we serve but we have AA Eagle, UA Express, Delta Connection, Southwest, and Allegiant, and only 100 weekly flights. Thanks!

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I feel bad, you only have 1 airport

(You already know I love the pictures, now cue the spotter society to pop in with inside jokes)


Yeah, one airport that barely has traffic either.


Well you always have Toronto (once the border opens again)


It’s possible that doesn’t happen until the end of 2020, Canada has no interest in reopening the border until we have it solidly under control, which judging from recent numbers, will not be for a while.


Really, really nice pictures! Thanks for sharing!

Don’t tempt the secret spotter society 😶

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Woah, those are incredible 😍

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Wow! These are incredible photos!

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Very Neat.

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Thanks guys!

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Just love these pics!! The green in the background in most of the pics really makes the aircraft pop!

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These are incredible!

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Thank you guys!


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