Spotting a Community Member - 8/18/19 @ JFK

Hey IFC! I went to the Idlewild Park near John F. Kennedy International Airport a few days ago to do do some spotting. The park offers views of all aircraft landing at JFK, with most passing just 300 feet above you. I also saw a Turkish 777 onboard with @Doonies from Istanbul. This trip marked the first time I have ever seen the Air Italy A330 and the Delta A220.

Airline - Turkish Airlines
Aircraft - 777-3F2(ER)
Route - IST-JFK
Registration- TC-LJB
The highlight of my trip, a Turkish 77W from Istanbul. @Doonies was onboard this aircraft 👋

Airline - Air Italy
Aircraft - A330-202
Route - MXP-JFK
Registration- EI-GGN

Airline - JetBlue
Aircraft - A320-232
Route - DEN-JFK
Registration - N827JB

Airline - Delta
Aircraft - A220-100
Route - DTW-JFK
Registration - N118DU

Airline - Delta
Aircraft - A330-323
Route - ATL-JFK
Registration - N819NW
Fun fact - this aircraft used to be owned by Northwest Airlines

Airline - Delta
Aircraft - 737-932(ER)
Route - SDQ-JFK
Registration - N920DU

Airline - Delta
Aircraft - 757-231
Route - SFO-JFK
Registration - N718TW

Airline - Floof Airways
Aircraft - Catto
Route - Park-Sidewalk
Registration - C-UTE
This cat decided to take a nap next to me while I was spotting. Solid 12/10

I hope you enjoyed my photos! I use a Nikon D3000 with a 75-300 mm lens. Feedback is appreciated.


Thanks for spotting me! :) I really like all the pictures, great job!


Awesome catches!

That first photo of the Turkish B777 and the Jetblue A320 are amazing! Keep It up!

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Love the JetBlue it’s awesome looking ,great pics buddy

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I’m here for the floofs.


did someone say floof?


Those are great pics, spotting a community member is cool, how did you know he was on the plane?

That cat is super cute.


The last photo is definitely the best catch.

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Don’t get me wrong, I loved the plane shots, but the cat is definitely the best part.


The cat is by far the best spot of the day!


Floof airways is now my favorite airline.


We coordinated beforehand.

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I flew into JFK from San Jose on August 11th, with a Delta 737-900er. love the look of that aircraft!

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Awesome shots mate, @Doonies I hope you had a smooth greasy landing.

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It was probably one of the hardest landings I’ve had lol. But it was an awesome flight and it made it more fun I guess haha.


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