Spotted: United's 777-300ER N2135U

Earlier this morning, I was presented with possibly the easiest decision I have ever had: Go to school or go to Denver International Airport. I went with the latter, obviously, and chose to see United’s newest aircraft over a mindless day of bio and AP gov.

Click for higher quality.

In the early morning of the 18th, N2135U arrived at DIA, and moved into the gate where it sat for two days, until about 10 this morning when it was set to depart to Washington DC. These are my shots of her:

We were greeting by this 787-8, N26906, arriving overhead from Houston.

We ended up racing her to the gates, since her assignment was right next to the 77W. We won.

There she is, in all her glory. N2135U, the newest aircraft in United’s arsenal.

The raked wing tip. The is one huge jet up close.

The loser of the race, and the 77W’s cousin, the 788 pulls into the gate beside her.

Beginning the push…

Cool to see 777-300 underneath now.

Her undercarriage and N1.

I wave to the pilots, they waved back. Pretty cool.

She is shiny, with this being one of her first flights. The UA livery looks really good on this one.

Another 772 pulled up behind her at this time, but I didn’t get a good shot of them both.

Taxing out to 08.

We drove down to the end of 35R to try to get a shot of her rotating, but sadly, she changed runways last second. We could not get up to 08 in time, so we saw rotation from afar. Hopefully she will be back soon, and maybe even get a route out of her. A beautiful plane to watch fly, very large, yet very majestic. Apparently they were letting staff on the plane earlier, but we didn’t know that, and I was likely to not be able to get on, being a guest. Don’t quote me, but this may be the first 77W that DIA has ever seen. Can’t see why another would come here.

I really hope you enjoyed the shots, really cool to see this bird, I hope she is back soon so maybe I could do it again. Thanks for your time.

All photos shot with iPhone 6s. Please don’t use. Thanks.


How did you get so close to the plane, beautiful shots though :)

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My pops has a job at DIA. He is able to get me behind the scenes from time to time.


You have to listen to the podcast that he was on to find out. 😉


Ah very lucky indeed

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Which podcast is it?

Glad to see some clean United liveries every once in a while.


Pretty sure it was one of the Frontier VA ones. Not 100% sure because there’s like 2 or 3 groups doing podcasts now.


Was an FVA posdcast:


Wow those close-ups are amazing.
Does anyone know when the second UA 77W is going to be delivered?

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They currently have 11 in thier fleet, though only four are seeing revenue service. This one is likely to be thier next, as it has already been outfitted with it’s interior.

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Oh wow I had NO idea they had that many. The first one was delivered less than 2 months ago! wow

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That ‘undercarriage’ shot was the best shot IMO!

A decision I have to struggle with everyday. We can ignore I don’t go to school and live thousands of miles away from Denver.


@Aussie_Wombat Thanks. My favorite is the one of the front and engine, where they waved at me.

@MishaCamp It took me about a tenth of a nanosecond to decide.

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How come it was delivered here to DEN?

I’m not complaining by any means, I am just a curious Denverite. I thought the deliveries went to SFO

Don’t know. From the looks of things, she may just be touring United hubs. She is now at Dulles, before heading to Houston and then to SFO. Allrwsg retrofitted, so service may start soon. Likely the same old, EWR-SFO-HKG routes.

Amazing shots! The 77W looks super cool in the UAL livery.

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I agree. Would be better if it said Continental…

Gorgeous girl! Love the United 77W!

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