Spotted this biplane

So I spotted this biplane and couldn’t identify it. It was operating out out of either a Portland OR or Vancouver WA airport. I don’t suppose someone knows what it is since the plane looked really pretty.

Edit: Almost forgot, if you’re in the Vancouver/Portland area next year around this time the Humane Society does a 5k walk/run to raise money. It’s actually a pretty great way to see aircraft just a bit after take off since their departure route is only about three blocks from the park where it’s hosted and the walk goes right along it. Unfortunately I forgot to grab more photos but it was mostly Alaskan Dash-8s and some of the smaller passenger jets.


Sort of looks like an old fashioned Model 75 “Stearman”.


@Maxmustang might know.

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Yeah it probably was judging by the paint scheme. Body also seemed longer then a single seat craft so that would fit as well.

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