Spotted problems on the CRJ-900

I have spotted some problems that are noticeable. Im not saying i dont like the plane, im just making the DEVS aware of the problems. I spotted these with my keen eye 👁 so im definatly not saying i could be a beta tester 😉 😉 Huge wink lol 😂

Very small long hole in window frame ^

Model does not connect/align ^

Hole/Model part not aligned ^

A crack/Not properly aligned panel ^

Smaller Hole in the aircraft ^

Hole in the aircraft ^

Phone: Note 5
System running: latest samsung update
Oh and btw those pilots have some very very pointy fingers

Ps. Im not exactlt sure what topic so if i put it in the wrong topic let me know and ill change it

Good pickup, but this is probably more relevant in #support

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I wasnr sure, should i wait for a admin to say ?

You might want to include
IF version
And maybe even a pic of your graphics page.

To be even more like a beta tester if you wanted, maybe even add a caption under each pic to explian extacly what is wrong.

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If you like. But keep in mind that it may be a problem with your device and not the actual aircraft design, so in my opinion #support is best, but up to you ;)


I have these problems too they are small but Nice if they get fixt!👍🏼

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I think keeping anti-ailising will make your graphics better, maybe try it with that?

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