Spotted N822DX at Tampa!

On May 26th 2023, I went plane spotting at Tampa international airport. I caught a picture of a Delta Airlines Boeing 757-200 flying over me at 500ft. As I got the picture and went back home, I looked at the registration and it was the same registration as the delta 757 in infinite flight!



That’s cool! I live under the parkway approach for jfk and we get planes 600 feet or less every day lol, every 60 seconds if they’re using it… If you’re ever spotting again I suggest checking the area out a bit!




Bruddah what Android phone did you use


@MathiasG It’s an iPhone lol and wasn’t in focus

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The canarsie approach? Dude, I’ve been trying to spot a plane doing that approach, cause it’s hard 😅, trees and houses block the way. But I’ve found a park that might work.

Wow what are the chances of that, that is amazing

Got this on the highway today. I always talk abt this approach as I do live under it. Being directly under it can be helpful, although it may mean setting up on a random sidewalk to get good shots. Some close parks that may work, (but don’t have great views) is Charles park, the Aqueduct racetrack parking lot, (which is almost always empty), Hamilton beach park. Something more exclusive, in which I have only tried one time, is getting a Birds Eye view of everything. There is a town called Lindenwood, made up mostly of 6 story co-ops. I have a friend who lives in one of the eastern buildings of the neighborhood. I talked to his buildings board, and they allowed me to go up on the roof. You could literally see the entire airport from up there. If you can somehow find a number from one of these buildings, you should try it.

P.s. which park did you find, and was it one of my recommended?

The park I have found is called Edward Byrne!

Here’s my attempt from far away but I want to get closer, that’s why I want to go to that park!

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I’ll try out the spot tomorrow and see if it’s good!

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Very good! You are incredibly lucky, this is definitely a unique feat.

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Yes!! That’s an incredible one! I used to play baseball there, and seeing a380s so close… really was my spark for love into aviation! I didn’t list it because I figured that may be hard to get into, as it is a baseball park, and the gates may be closed at times. But you should be good, I haven’t gone since 2014 anyways, lol

Also that’s why I sucked at baseball bc all I did was look up the whole time hehe

Yes it is!

Cypress Point Park Tampa FL

Monsanto Corp would be proud of all that grain

I mean it was shot in a phone

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