Spotted an IFATC staff member

Spotted @TaipeiGuru mid flight to LFMO! 😎


Dang, nice find

Maybe next time you can post it here (as that’s the topic where you tell people you found them):


Where was this? I looked through every topic for this but couldn’t find it and assumed it had been removed?

Thanks 😁😁

Never mind it’s a thread not a topic lol thank you for that will post their next time!

Taipei isn’t an IFATC staff member, he’s just a controller and trainer.

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Ohh are they not the same thing lol?

Yeah, Taipei is super cool, very well known on the team, but he isn’t that important. Just kidding, everyone loves Taipei.


Recognised the name and looked twice after clicking off the first time I was like wait I recognise that name and checked here to see if he was who I thought he was, safe flight @TaipeiGuru 😁

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