Spot the Differences Between these Singapore Airlines A380! (in IF and Real World)

Infinite Flight
(Sorry for Bad Quality, Credits to the owner)

Real World
(Credits to the owner)

Clue :
If you see these Photo Closely, you will notice a Different thing in the Vertical Stabilizer. (If you found it, you will know what I mean)

I don’t know if i should put it in Bugs Category

Both are 9V SKD

The real one has the Singaporean flag after the Airline’s name whereas the IF one doesn’t (before the name)


The second photo has been taken at CDG RWY 09L :)

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The bottom of the vertical stabilizer is white but in real life it doesn’t have the white strip.

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That’s only because the two photos feature different sides of the Singapore Airlines A380. If you actually notice (or search online), the Singapore flag is always at the back of the text, so on the left its (name)(flag) and on the right its (flag)(name)
(PS: I’m editing it to get the photos)
(PPS: I do not own the photos :P)